Welcome to High Frequency Canine

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The best dog training company

Welcome to High Frequency Canine Training


At High Frequency Canine our mission is to use balanced training techniques, dog behavioral science and the four quadrants of operant conditioning to teach you how to best communicate with your dog so that you can live the best lives possible together.

About the Company:

High Frequency Canine Training is a dog training business located on the Island of Marthas Vineyard in Massachusetts. High Frequency Canine is owned by two graduates of Highland Canine School for Dog Trainers. Our team consist of both Master and Professional dog trainers, some native to the island and some who have lived here for over 20 years. With the deep ties to the community of Marthas Vineyard it is very important to us at High Frequency Canine to help both owners and dogs have the best and happiest relationship possible.

Community Training:

Here at High Frequency Canine Training we train with you and your canine companion in mind. With our behavior modification and day training programs we stive to help make the Island and our community more safe by taking the time to teach our clients how to communicate with their dogs in the most effective way possible. With this communication our clients are more equip to take their dogs out in the community and ensure both the safety of their canine partner and themselves.


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